Monday, July 22, 2013

New Adventures

If you enjoyed 3su's adventures
you should check in on Ezekiel Watts. 

It's a hard thing to find a hole deep enough to hide in order to escape the monster Braden has become since escaping prison.

"On the Trail of Ezekiel Watts"

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Star Trader Update - Special Delivery .019

Well, that’s the way Jake has always told the story of what happened on Alta III, but just for the record I would like to set a few things straight. This is how it really went down starting with the game of Cu and ending with how we got our blasters back.

“I value my men's recommendations, Harcourt,” Aldobi-rand said as he poured Jake and Fatu another goblet of wine. “But, I must ask, why Alta III?”
“I heard it was a lucrative gig if you could find the right employer,” Jake answered.
Fatu introduced him as a mercenary for hire. He built up Jake’s past exploits and padded a few numbers to make the freelancer an appealing asset to acquire.
“Good, I like a man that can be bought,” Aldobi-rand said with a smile. “Makes negotiations so much easier when it all comes down to money, and not title or duties. You don’t have any qualms about duties do you Harcourt?”
“I’m a mercenary,” Jake said. “Tell me what you want done and I’m your man for the agreed upon price, but cross me and you’re dust beneath my thrusters,” Jake warned.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Star Trader Update - Special Delivery .018

It was the dead of night before Jake finished his circle around and back to Fatu’s. It was obvious he missed 3su. The straw ‘tell’ from the door was lying on the ground and she was nowhere in sight. He started dogging her spacer boot tracks headed toward the palace.

I kept telling myself there was no reason to be reckless about this. I made it over the wall without incident. I was well hidden in a shadowed corner of the garden trying to time the guards making their rounds without the luxury of a watch. I tried to gauge how late it was and how much more darkness I had left.
 I am not patient by nature. I watched the pair of guards pass one more time, took a deep breath and made a crouching sprint for the trellis that climbed up the palace wall to the balcony where Muloot fell. I hoped to find Rand there, or at least be able to backtrack from there to his personal quarters where he hopefully slept like the dead, unguarded, and I could snatch my blaster and run like hell. I know, big stretch, but I was desperate.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Star Trader Update: Special Delivery .017

 Arr sat cross legged on the pod’s ramp in the shade of the doorway. Kay-o lay by his side, his tongue lolling out from the heat of the desert surrounding them.
            Arr hated the pod. The first English medical term he learned was ‘claustrophobic.’ The pod was stiflingly cramped. The initial trip in it from his home planet to Jake’s ship, the Calpernia, was almost unbearable. Jake insisted on strapping him in the first time. The second time Arr did a very juvenile thing, he growled at Jake. Arr was eighteen and once his species, the Henu, reached adulthood it was considered extremely rude to growl, but Arr couldn’t help himself. Jake backed off and Arr made the flight white knuckled and grinding teeth all the way to the Calpernia.
He was thrilled to find that the claustrophobia subsided once he was out in the larger ship. It was a great relief since staying on his home planet would have meant living the rest of his life alone after the devastating attack of ‘The Others’ wiped out his people.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Star Trader Update: Special Delivery .016

Fatu stood brushing his hands through the fur of the large dresarge, trying to shake out as much of the sand as possible.
“Their lashes help keep the sand out of their eyes and they can close their nostrils to keep it out as well,” he explained. “Much better adapted to life on this planet than we are,” he said as he looked over toward the mound where we placed Salid under a pile of stones we gathered.
Fatu removed my shackles as soon as I emerged from under the cart. I was helping by picking up what remained of our supplies as we talked.
“Salib was a good man even if his allegiance was misguided.” He pulled a water skin from the sand. Damp sand clung to its sides. It was empty. “Did you find any skins still intact?”
“Two,” I said and indicated them with the nod toward the things I placed on the cart canvas next to them, the hunk of cheese – still edible if we cut off the sandy portions, two apples and the worthlessly sandy bread remnant.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Star Trader Update: Special Delivery .015

The Galactic officials are fooling themselves if they think they know what is going on down here. I don’t know about the rest of the planet’s inhabitants, but Aldobi-rand is wickedly intelligent and crafty. My blaster has been confiscated. I’m locked in a tower room with walls perhaps as much as three fit thick until I submit to Aldobi-rand’s plot, of which I am an integral part.
            I have twenty-four hours to make up my mind or he turns me into the Galactic Officials as a smuggler and murderer. He has left nothing to chance. Before locking me up he took me down to Mulott’s body where he used my blaster on the highest setting to blow a hole in Mulott’s corpse. If he shows the body to the G.O. they won’t even get past the blaster burns to determine he died from a fall. Oh but, even if they did Aldobi-rand was quick to point out they would have him as witness to me pushing Mulott over the railing. I am doomed either way.