Sunday, August 18, 2013

3su, Star Trader to the Known Verse

My name is 3su. I like to think of myself as a kick-ass broad who just happens to be a Star Trader to the known verse. For the right price, I will deliver anything from Point A to Point B.

Join me, and my four AI crew members, aboard my living ship Ma-rye-a. Travel with us as my mundane deliveries morph into adventures. See the verse through my eyes.

Have you ever felt the terror of a Tuldavian swamp lizard nibbling at your toes? Has Sarah Daily given you a tour of her alien menagerie on Madelor? Have you spoken with a Hummer recently to locate a beacon in space? Ever known someone who had a pet Dar-dolf?

Come with me. I will see that the Tuldavian swamp lizards – only - nibble your toes and don’t take you off from the waist down. I’ll introduce you to Sarah, Hummers and Dar-dolfs among other fabulous and extraordinary characters and creatures.

Explore the many tiers of the hollow Valarian home world. Watch that eight-legged species, we know as the cartographers of the universe, cartwheel across their ship’s deck like Ferris wheels in an ancient carnival.

Fly with us to Olympus, where the Gods still live, but technology has moved in threatening to destroy their world forever.

See what few have lived to tell about, the beast in the Maelstrom. Experience the terror as it explores the haul of Ma-rye-a wondering if it should add her to the ghost ships trailing in its wake.

Try to stay uninvolved as I, and the ambassadors I am transporting, are captured by flesh eating aliens with a vendetta against my passengers.

No matter how careful a star trader is, invariably some deliveries are not all they appear to be – mine more so than most.

Welcome to my worlds.

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